Sunday, 5 November 2017

Review of Robocop

I saw this film because I loved the trailer and also because I wanted to see what the film was like. It also had very good ratings which I think were wrong because I loved this film.

This film is an individual film which I am extremely pleased about because I think that a prequel or a sequel would be a rubbish film. If you have to be specific this film is a remake of the original Robocop movie that came out in 1987.

The main actors and actresses were Joel Kinnaman (Alex Murphy), Gary Oldman (Doctor Dennett Norton), Michael Keaton (Raymond Sellars) and Abbie Cornish (Clara Murphy).

The story of the film is cop Alex Murphy loses a lot of his body when his car explodes outside his house. Alex is then turned into RoboCop and can not control his emotions so Doctor Norton turns off Alex’s emotions and sets him remote controlled then Alex goes rogue but what will Alex find out about his past and what is Mr Sellars hiding.

The two really good things in the film were number one the action scenes because they were extremely thrilling and exciting, and number two the cast because I think
they were born for there roles in Robocop.

I don’t think there was anything wrong with the film,

I recommend this film to teenagers, adults, Robocop fans and reviewers worldwide. Warning not for children under 12 as it has mild violence.

I give this film a 9.6/10 as there was nothing wrong with the film.

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  1. I hated the 1980 version so I would be interested to see this one