Sunday, 5 November 2017

Review of Jack Reacher

I saw this film because I saw the second one and it was amazing, so I wanted to see if the first one was any good.

This film is part of the Jack Reacher series and is also based on one of the twenty Jack Reacher books written by Lee Child. I think after the way they left things, Jack Reacher has got a lot more adventures to come and I also think it wasn’t as much of a success as the second one in my point of view.

The main actors and actresses were Tom Cruise (Reacher), Rosamund Pike (Helen), Richard Jenkins (Rodin) and David Oyelowo (Emerson)

The story of the film is that a man has shot a few people, the man is then arrested and questioned and reveals he wants to see Jack Reacher. When Jack comes to see him the man is in a coma. Then much later on in the film Reacher learns the force has been infiltrated and there is a rogue cop who wants to kill him.

The two really good things in the film were ,number one, the action scenes because they were extremely exciting and thrilling and, number two, the plot because I found the plot extremely unexpected and such a joyride.

The only bad thing in the film was the beginning because I found it extremely dull and boring.

I recommend this film to teenagers, adults, Action film lovers and Jack Reacher lovers. Warning this film has aggressive so not for children under twelve even if you are watching it with your parents.

I give this film a 9/10 because of how bad the beginning of the film was.


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  2. 9/10 is still a very good mark! You are a generous marker!

  3. The start must have been boring because I can't remember it but I was surprised that Tom Cruise acted Reacher so well.